Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is very important for the environment. It means adopting practices that do not harm the environment and contribute towards a greener environment. Being eco-friendly in your home can range from simple acts such as using environmentally friendly toilet paper to more considerable eco-friendly investments such as installing solar panels. If you would like to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle but don’t know where to begin, here are some tips to guide you.

Use renewable energy

Investing in a renewable source of electricity for your house is one of the best ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. A good example is installing solar panels to harness energy from the sun, which is renewable and sustainable. Being renewable means that even if a million homes installed solar panels, solar power could never be replenished. It is a more eco-friendlier option than using energy from fossil fuels. Another eco-friendly energy option is the use of wind power generated through wind turbines.

Use organic products for cleaning

Chemicals are harmful to the environment. Many products we use at home for cleaning, such as detergents, bleach, stain removal, and foaming agents, are manufactured with chemicals that pollute the environment. You can clean your house with the use of organic cleaning agents such as vinegar and lemon juice. Before buying a cleaning product, check the label to ensure it is manufactured with organic elements.

Use eco-friendly toilet paper.

Another simple way of practicing a more eco-friendly lifestyle is using the best toilet roll, bamboo toilet paper. Manufacturers require at least 17trees and more than 90,000 liters of water to produce a tonne of regular toilet paper. Since an average person uses around 100rolls of toilet paper in a year, regular toilet paper is not a sustainable option. Thankfully, bamboo toilet papers are more sustainable and environmentally friendly since bamboo grows fast and dense in only a short period.

Buy biodegradable products

Whenever you are shopping, opt for biodegradable products other than synthetic ones. It is hard to know whether the products you dispose of end up being recycled or end up as landfills. The best way to be sure is to use biodegradable products. They naturally disintegrate when they come into contact with fungi and bacteria, meaning that they won’t harm the environment.

Use eco-friendly water bottles.

Rather than using plastic water bottles, switch to using recyclable water bottles. Plastics are one of the most dangerous threats to our environment. Did you know that plastics take more than a thousand years to decompose? The solution is using a reusable water bottle to take it wherever you go to avoid using plastics bottles.

Reduce your meat intake

Greenhouse gas emissions in the agriculture sector are caused mainly by the production of meat and dairy products. These emissions occur from the processing stage to the packaging stage. Consuming less meat is another practice to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Be energy conscious

We require electricity in our most daily activities. However, it is vital to use it wisely. Switch off the electricity when not in use and avoid leaving appliances running. Make changes where possible in your energy consumption to save money and the environment.


Adopting eco-friendly practices in your home and workplace is rewarding as it contributes to a greener environment.

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