This is What Happens When You Don’t Clean Your Gutters


The gist of installing gutters is that it tends to redirect the rainwater away from a building to a legit drainage area. If the gutters aren’t cleaned on a consistent basis, then the debris tends to accumulate and the water will overflow into the building structure and damage the foundation as well. When you get your gutters clean consistently by hiring Gutter Cleaning Braintree, it scoops out the debris and then the gutters are cleaned with a hose. But when you don’t clean it on a regular basis, this is what happens.

  1. Foundation damage

If the gutters aren’t maintained, the water will overflow from the gutters and damage the foundation of your building. This tends to soften the soil underneath and in the surrounding areas that cause foundation cracks. Additionally, if your foundation is wet and when it freezes, it will lead to heaving and cracks. In the most intense situations, the water damage can also cause a structural failure in a building.

  1. Rotted wood

When the gutters are clogged, the water will overflow inside the building and will trap in the gutter after the rain happens. The resulting moisture will rot the wood fascia and the soffit boards. This rot disperses to nearby areas like the attic and also offers an easy point of entry for the rodents as well.

  1. Roof leaks

When the gutters drain inappropriately, this leads to ice accumulation in the winter times. And this will also keep the melted snow from draining off the roof, the water will stay stagnant and the wet snow will be held against the house. Then, the water paves the way into the house that results in ceiling leaks, wall leaks and moisture in the attic.

  1. Insect infestation

The moist debris in the gutters tends to attract many insects. Then these insects will find a way in your house as the weather changes which leads to insect infestations within the home. Additionally, the wood eating insects like the termites and carpenter ants also make their abodes in the rotting leaves and branches that are accumulated in the gutters. So, when you don’t clean it, it leads to a severe pest infestation.

  1. Basement leaks

As blocked gutters tend to damage the building foundation by letting the water be accumulated closely to the base of the structure, this also tends to infiltrate the basement walls as well. When the water is accumulated in huge quantities against a basement wall, it will surely pave its way into the basement. When it leaks there, this will lead to black mold, water damage, smells, and flooding.

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