The Most Common Cases of Your Toilet Clogging


If you are constantly running into problems with your toilet clogging, or just want to avoid the unpleasant situation altogether, it is important to understand why toilets clog in the first place. Make sure you are using your toilet correctly so you don’t have to worry about calling a 24 hour plumber in Phoenix in the middle of the night. Continue reading to learn about the most common cases of a toilet clog so you can prevent similar messy situations from happening to you and your family.

Children Putting Toys in the Toilet

It is not uncommon for plumbers to find children toys lodged in clogged pipes. Educate toddlers and young children to not use toys around the toilets in your home. Other objects may also get lodged in the toilet creating a blockage. Waste, toilet paper, and tissue paper are the only things that should ever be flushed down your toilet to prevent a possible toilet disaster from occurring.

You Invested in One of the First Low Flow Toilets

Low flow toilets which were manufactured in the mid-1990s are highly prone to toilet clogs because they lack pressure. If you cannot afford to buy a new toilet, it is especially important to be scarce when using toilet paper so you can avoid clogs as much as possible.

Avoid Flushing Baby Wipes

Even though many baby wipe companies insist they are safe to flush, even the smallest block can cause a baby wipe to create an emergency toilet clog. It is convenient to simply flush these wipes down the drain, however it may cause you to eventually receive a costly plumbing bill, so it is important to avoid the temptation. Also, remember to never throw paper towels into the toilet. Paper toilets are designed to not break down like toilet paper, which can create many plumbing issues.

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