Reasons To Consider Round Rugs For Your Home’s Living Room!


Rug shoppers are no longer constrained to just choosing traditional, rectangular area rugs anymore. Today’s rug shoppers are increasingly more interested in experimenting with their flooring designs, and this is one reason why round rugs have become so popular in recent years.

Round rugs are a major trend in the rug industry, and below are some of the reasons why you should consider placing a round area rug in your home’s living room!

Emphasizing Curved Furniture & Structures 

If your living room has curved walls or any other architectural features that are curved, then a round rug can help you extenuate these unique aspects of your home. There will be a stronger sense of fluidity within your space, and it’ll likely be very aesthetically pleasing for both you and your guests.

The same thing goes for curved furniture, like sofas and coffee tables. When any major component of your décor is rounded or curved, round rugs can be a great option!

Making It Seem Like There’s More Space 

Round rugs are also known for creating an optical illusion that makes a room appear a little bit larger than it actually is, and this is especially the case when you compare round rugs to rectangular rugs. Small rooms sometimes have a boxed-in feeling to them, and round rugs help break this type of stuffy ambience.

Dividing Household Spaces 

Round rugs also do a wonderful job at dividing large rooms from one another, which can help differentiate your living room from a dining room or kitchen area. This is particularly important in open floor plans where it’ll be aesthetically important to create this type of distinct division.

Helping Other Circular Objects Stand Out 

This ties into the first section, but round rugs help draw attention to other circular objects in a room, but the purpose of your round rugs isn’t just to emphasize these other design elements.

The harmony you can create with round rugs is second to none when you’re looking to complement spherical mirrors, cushions, candles, and other accessories.

Creating An Aesthetic Focal Point 

Round rugs are often the focal point of a room due to their unique shape, which means they’ll draw in people’s attention as they step into your living room. Just like other rug shapes, round rugs can have a dramatic impact on the overall ambience of any household space.

The key to making your new round rug the focal point of your living room is to arrange your furniture around the rug by providing a little bit of extra space. Make sure it doesn’t look cluttered, and it’ll provide you with a very fun décor effect!

Fits Well Around Obstructions 

A lot of conventional area rugs have trouble fitting into tight spaces and around certain types of obstructions like columns and pillars, but this typically isn’t an issue with round rugs.

Round rugs are great at providing flooring décor within tighter spaces, or any household spaces that need a workaround-like design.

Corners & Alcoves 

A lot of living rooms have smaller corners or alcoves that need to be properly decorated, and round rugs just so happen to be an awesome option for these types of spaces. They’ll help you develop the right type of cohesion that develops a cozy feeling within this more tucked-away part of your living room.

Round rugs are also the go-to option for most reading corners, and they’ll make it feel like an extra room within your living room!

Creating A Natural Ambience 

Nature doesn’t typically feature rigid lines, and a lot of nature (leaves, river paths, planets) are rounded. Round rugs can subsequently eliminate the hard angles within your living room and make the entire space feel more welcoming.

This is a very natural form of Feng Shui, and round rugs can provide a true sense of peace within your home.

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There’s a lot to love about round rugs if you’re a rug shopper, and this growing industry trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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