6 Trendy Wall Texture Designs for Your Living Room


It’s no secret that wall colours heavily influence the mood of a room. However, not many people know how important wall textures are when it comes to your home design. Whether you want to hide an imperfection on your wall or want your space to stop looking so flat, wall textures are what you must consider introducing to your space.

Wall textures add depth and some much-needed oomph to your otherwise lifeless rooms. Have you decided to add a textured wall in your living room but aren’t sure which texture to choose? Read along to know about 6 trendy wall textures that you can introduce to your living room in 2022.

Stone walls

Stone walls scream rustic, traditional and classy. They are perfect for farmhouses, log mansions, cabin styled and vintage-themed houses. You can get creative and create a stone wall in a hue that is other than the classic white and brown. Stone walls are great for people who are looking for a wall texture that is subtle yet elegant. By installing a stone wall in your living room, you can make your living room emit a warm, cosy and Zen vibe.

Smoky texture 

People who have contemporary or minimalistic themed houses must give smoky texture a serious thought. It is abstract and artsy and instantly makes your space seem enigmatic and intriguing. Smoky texture is great for people who want their space to look and feel dreamy, whimsical and eclectic. A pro wall texture designing tip is to pick a feature wall in your living room and create smoky texture on it while painting the rest of the walls in a neutral hue.

Textured wallpapers 

Don’t have the budget to go for textured paints? Fret not, we have got you covered. You can now consider using textured wallpapers for your living room. From faux marble effect, stone wall, and concrete to popcorn texture, there are a plethora of textures available in today’s world to choose from.

Exposed brick 

Are you obsessed with shabby chic living room interior designs? If yes, then exposed brick walls are what you need to introduce to your space. Exposed walls give out a rustic and industrial vibe to your space and make it look minimalistic, clean and raw. A pro wall texture designing tip is to make sure that you pick shabby chic distressed furniture and light fixtures with exposed wires to match the walls.

Wooden panelling

Want your home to appear like a forest or a tranquil oasis? It is observed that wood makes your space appear warm, inviting and grounding. So, you can now pick a feature wall in your living room and add wooden panelling to it. This texture is great for people who have minimalistic, vintage or tropical-themed houses. If you are feeling extra, then you can paint the wooden panels in trending colours like sage green, terracotta or hunter green and make them stand out.

Go for a biophilic design 

Biophilic or rather green designs are picking steam and we are obsessed with them. Not only are they sustainable and eco-friendly but they also improve the air quality in a room and are refreshing to look at. So, don’t hesitate to install a green wall in your living room which your guests will surely swoon over.

Remember that ‘Less is More’ when it comes to wall texture designing. The last thing you want is to make a space look cluttered by adding complex textures or too many textures into it. Looking for some trendy living room interior design inspirations? Check out the Asian Paints website to seek some brilliant ideas, hacks and tips to renovate your home and transform it into a sanctuary.

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